Egg-Free Vegan Spaetzle

If you follow these three tips, chances are: no one will even notice that there aren't any eggs in your spaetzle at all.  

Firstly, for whatever reason you’re cooking spaetzle without eggs – because of dietary restrictions or you are vegan, or even if you just realized you're out of eggs – it doesn’t matter, spaetzle tastes great with or without eggs.

Vegane Spätzle ohne Ei


You make your spaetzle dough like it’s described in the basic recipe, only you replace the eggs with another liquid. Which liquid you use doesn’t really make a big difference, although normally it's water (mineral water) or milk. I also know of spaetzle recipes that use white wine or wheat beer instead of water; you can experiment for yourself. In my opinion, apple juice, milk and water mixed together make a good replacement, quark (curds) are also very good.

Here is the 1st tip that you have to observe:

If you want the spaetzle to taste like egg spaetzle, feel free to use an egg substitute. But there are also other ways.

 Expert tip:  
To keep the spaetzle from being mushy or soft, or in other words for it to be al dente, add two heaping tablespoons of semolina for every 3.5 ounces (100g) of flour. That will make your spaetzle full-bodied, the way it should be.

The 2nd tip you should observe:

Without egg, spaetzle turns out white, simply colorless, but you also eat with your eyes so here’s our

 Expert tip:  
To add a little color, you should add Muxel’s Dough Seasoning or even turmeric to the dough - not very much, just a pinch for every 3.5 ounces (100g) of flour. Your spaetzle will take on the characteristic, yellow color that everyone loves: delicious, golden-yellow spaetzle. If you want to use turmeric, don’t just buy the cheapest you can find; it will give your spaetzle an unnatural yellow color.

The 3rd tip is only a little trick, something to make your vegan spaetzle look better:

Egg-free spaetzle have a rough, pitted surface.

 Expert tip:
That’s why you should add a small teaspoon of oil for every 3.5 ounces (100g) of flour in your spaetzle dough. Without oil, your spaetzle won’t have a smooth surface, but rather they'll be pitted and just won't look so good. So take your cosmetics, I mean oil, out of the cupboard and give your spaetzle a make-over. I don’t want to have to repeat it, but you also eat with your eyes.

Tip number 1 is absolutely necessary for "egg-free spaetzle," tips 2 and 3 are only cosmetic; they make your spaetzle look better, but you can also skip them if the spaetzle's inner beauty is enough for you.

Another thing: Vegan spaetzle or egg-free spaetzle tastes boring and bland if you don’t make it yourself fresh. So please, if you ever see them in a supermarket, do yourself a favor and don't buy them. Spaetzle should always be made fresh, because only then does it taste really good AND you know exactly what’s in it.

Spätzle schaben

What a relief that there’s the Spaetzle Wonder, because now, cooking spaetzle is a cinch. With the spaetzle wonder, your spaetzle are egg-free, vegan and with your hand-milled flour, they’re done in no time. The best thing about it is that your kitchen stays clean and the Spaetzle Wonder goes right into the dishwasher. Feel free to experiment when you’re making vegan spaetzle: with different egg substitutes, with whole wheat or soy flour, it’s up to you. Add something you like to the dough: fresh herbs, basil, nuts or dried mushrooms. There are no limits to your imagination.   Because: Healthy doesn’t have to taste boring!

Another recipe for egg-free spaetzle


14 oz flour (400g)
9 oz water (250ml)
3 Tbsp locust bean gum
1 pinch of Muxel’s Dough Seasoning

Here goes:

Dissolve the locust bean gum in the water. Add the flour, salt and Dough Seasoning to it (the Seasoning will give your dough a nice yellow color, so no one will see that there isn’t any egg in it). Beat all the ingredients together until gravity can just barely pull your viscous dough downward when it’s hanging from the spoon. (Add more or less flour/water to adjust the thickness as necessary).

Bring a large pot to a boil and salt the water. Scrape the dough through the colander into the lightly boiling water. (You can do this with as much or as little dough as you feel comfortable having on the colander).
Skim the spaetzle from off of the top of the boiling water as soon as they float to the surface.

Delicious and 100% vegan. But even people who can’t eat egg because of dietary restrictions don’t have to skip out on delicious, homemade spaetzle anymore. You can make this spaetzle as a side dish for your meals or go further by making it the basis of a tasty, spaetzle stir-fry.

Like this for example:
Heat olive oil in a large pot. Wash fresh spinach, add it to the pot (you can add a lot, because it cooks way down) and braise it over low heat with the lid on.
Stir it from time to time and season it with salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. If you like, you can add two minced cloves of garlic.
When the spinach is cooked down, add the spaetzle, mix it in and let it cook shortly. Done.
Healthy can be so simple and so delicious.

Another recipe: Vegan Cheese Spaetzle Algovian-Style

Ingredients for 4 servings:

10.5 oz (300g) flour of your choice
5.5 oz (150g) semolina
Liquid as necessary
Muxel’s Dough Seasoning
3 medium onions
Vegan cheese



Bring about a gallon of water to a boil and salt it. Prepare the spaetzle dough according to the vegan recipe. Slice the onions very thin and separate the rings. Brown them slowly in ample oil or vegan butter until they are brown and crispy. Keep warm. Scrape the spaetzle through Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder into lightly boiling water. As soon as the vegan spaetzle float to the top, skim them into a bowl adding layers of grated, vegan cheese. Finally, top it off with the fried onion rings and as much vegan butter or oil as you wish. Now you only have to decide if you want to leave the onions on top or if you want to mix them in. This is where the opinions start to differ when it comes to the original Algovian cheese spaetzle.

Guten Appetit

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