Spätzle Recipes

Whether it’s rustic Algovian cheese spätzle, a colorful spätzle stir-fry, hearty, liver spätzle in soup or sweet spätzle with sliced apples, cinnamon and sugar: With these recipes, you’ll satisfy and delight every gourmet. And our delicacies aren’t troublesome or expensive – just the opposite. Spätzle used to be considered poor people’s food, which in days gone by, provided energy and “stuffed a lot of faces” for little money. That doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to spätzle these days. Take a look through our extensive collection of recipes and simply let them inspire you.


Is everything that’s fast, fast food?

No, certainly not, and spaetzle is the best evidence to the contrary. Cooked quickly and without much work, spaetzle brings variety to your table in the endless ways you can serve it.

Traditional Swabian spaetzle recipes


You could call spaetzle the foundation of Swabian cuisine, because spaetzle is served with all “typical” Swabian dishes. That said, the traditional roast beef with onions (Zwiebelrostbraten) is unthinkable for a Swabian without spaetzle.
And naturally, the spaetzle can’t come ready-made from the supermarket. They have to be homemade and fresh to be served with such a delicacy. Read on…

You’ll find traditional spaetzle recipes from our spaetzle kitchen here…

International spaetzle recipes


It’s also not so long ago that at official functions of “Swabian political leaders," spaetzle wouldn’t even be considered to be served. For a long time, they were thought of as “beggar’s noodles."
Fortunately, or also because spaetzle just taste so good, those days are behind us. Because Swabian Germans have emigrated all over the world and also many students have come to study in Germany Read on…

Spaetzle are international. You can find recipes from all over the world here...

Recipes for meals with spaetzle


Spaetzle or button spaetzle, earlier the boring basis of the Swabian diet, has gone from being the standard side dish to becoming a main course in and of itself. But not only that, they are made in many tasty variations these days.
It doesn’t matter if it’s as liver spaetzle in soup or as spinach spaetzle with Gorgonzola cheese; in the meantime, they have enriched cookbooks worldwide. There are very few other foods that are so versatile. As a side dish Read on…

You’ll find recipes for spaetzle as a main course here…

Recipes for sweet spaetzle


That spaetzle can also be served as a heavenly dessert is just as normal as ordering a spaetzle salad on a hot day. When you make sweet spaetzle, you can decide how you want to make it, for example, with grated coconut or simply with applesauce and cinnamon sugar.
Almost all canned fruits taste great with spaetzle; if you make them with quark (curds), you're not just making a delicious, sweet treat for children, but also many adults won’t be able to get enough Read on…

Children love sweet spaetzle. You’ll find the recipes for sweet spaetzle here…

Recipes for spaetzle as a side dish

Spätzle Glutenfrei

In the land where they make spaetzle out of their wheat, they naturally have other side dishes aside from spaetzle. Of course, a Swabian may also eat French fries, rice or potatoes. Certainly though, if they’re entertaining guests, a real Swabian will make fresh spaetzle as a side dish for every meal if possible.
Especially for all meals with a delicious gravy or sauce, homemade spaetzle are just the ticket. Spaetzle, with their rough surface and soft consistency, are the perfect vehicle for gravies and sauces. Read on…

You’ll find recipes for different types of spaetzle here…

Spätzle Recipes

Spätzle kochen

Cook and enjoy!

And here are our best recipes with spaetzle:

Swabian roast beef with onions


In Southwest Germany, Swabian roast beef with onions is among the most celebrated specialties. It’s at the top of the list when it comes to holiday meals. Naturally, fresh, homemade spaetzle belong at the side of Swabian roast beef, store-bought spaetzle would be a crime. If you add a glass of red wine, a Trollinger of course, any Swabian would feel like he's died and gone to heaven. Just the opposite of the common opinion that the Swabians are penny-pinchers, when it comes to their roast beef, the Swabians don’t pull any punches. Here you’ll find the recipe for Swabian roast beef…
On this page, you’ll find more spaetzle recipes for meat lovers

Original Algovian cheese spaetzle

Allgäuer Käsespätzle

The Algovian’s favorite dish. If you’re ever visiting Castle Neuschwanstein in the Alpine region of Bavarian-Swabia, you have to try the famous Algovian cheese spaetzle (Allgäuer Käsespätzle). It’s just unfortunate that there aren't very many restaurants in Algovia that actually serve real, Algovian cheese spaetzle. That’s why you’ll find the real recipe for “Original Algovian Cheese Spaetzle” here. The main problem with this recipe is, if you ask five people from Algovia for it, you’ll get five different recipes. So we’ve listed the easiest recipe for Algovian cheese spaetzle here first and then the other variations. This way to the recipe for Original Algovian Cheese Spaetzle…
More cheese spaetzle recipes

Lentils and spaetzle

Linsen mit Spätzle

The most Swabian of all spaetzle recipes. Today, lentils and spaetzle is a favorite meal of every died-in-the-wool Swabian. It’s a hearty meal and not so cheap anymore because this former “poor-people’s food” is graced with “link sausage” (called this in German because Wieners are sold in linked pairs) and savory, smoked pork belly a.k.a. thick-cut, smoked bacon.
In the old days, lentils and homemade spaetzle was simply food for people with a small purse. (The Swabians aren't tight-fisted; they just had to learn how to save, because as peasants in the late middle-ages, they were exploited mercilessly by greedy lords). For them, lentils were affordable and nourishing. This way to the recipe for lentils with spaetzle...

Swabian beef stew (Gaisburger Marsch)

Gaisburger Marsch

Die nahrhafteste aller Schwäbischen Spezialitäten. The most nourishing of all Swabian specialties. Without a doubt, the origin of this Swabian specialty is to be found in the in the town of Gaisburg, which has been incorporated into the city of Stuttgart for over a century now. As to the how this meal came to have its name: There are two conflicting stories that can be found in many sources. Regardless, I would like to pass on both stories. You’ll find more about it and, of course, the recipe for Gaisburger Marsch with homemade spaetzle here... More spaetzle recipes
Weitere Spätzlerezepte

Spinach spaetzle with mini Mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes

Spinat Spätzle

Try out this delicious, summer dish. You’ll love it. Mozzarella balls taste great with spaetzle and whoever like garlic can really lay it on here. But be careful, as opposed to pasta, spaetzle absorb the flavor of the other ingredients very well and because of this, you'll have an unforgettable taste experience. If you’re paying special attention to your diet, this recipe is good if you want to substitute spelt flour for bleached, all-purpose wheat flour. This way to the delicious recipe…
More Mediterranean-style spaetzle recipes

Badischer Trollinger Braten

Trollinger roast Baden-style

And naturally, a nice glass of Trollinger along with it.

You’ll find the recipe here…


Sweet poppy seed spaetzle

Spaetzle is also perfect for making sweet meals. Try out this delicious, poppy seed spaetzle dish.

You’ll find the recipe here…

Nockerln und Chnöpfli

Swiss buttons (Nockerln and Chnoepfli)

Here’s a specialty from Switzerland, something different and really tasty.

Try out this recipe…

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Spinatspätzle mit Gorgonzola


Eine leckere Variante der "normalen" Spätzle sind Spinatspätzle.
Hier geht es zum Rezept für Spinatspätzle...

Scampi Spätzle

Spätzle mit Scampis

Warum nicht mal Asiatisch.
Exotisch so schmecken die Spätzle auch, probieren Sie mal etwas neues.
Spätzle sind sehr vielseitig und eignen sich für Ihre Rezeptideen.

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