The spaetzle press

Can I do without a spaetzle press completely?
Or, what can the spaetzle press do that my spaetzle colander can’t do?

Let’s ask the question another way: For you, is a Sunday roast always a pork roast? Can’t it also be a fine roast of lamb or a juicy beef roast?


It’s a similar situation with the various spaetzle makers. While a spaetzle press squeezes out 7 to 10 inch long “noodles,” with a colander, you can only scrape spaetzle that has a maximum length of about 2 inches, but they look like traditional, hand-scraped spaetzle and making button spaetzle is a cinch. So if you have both, you bring can more variety to the table.
There is one major difference: The hassle of dealing with the “spaetzle-schwob,” as the press is often lovingly called, has taken the fun out of making spaetzle for many cooks. First, they don’t know where to rest the press, then they get upset over the mountain of dishes afterward and when they're unlucky, the thing will start to rust at some point. You can make it easy for yourself.

Is using a spaetzle press complicated or easy?

The question of whether using a spaetzle press, or" Spätzle-Schwob", as it’s often called is complicated or easy is a really a question of skill, or basically, how much practice you have with it. One thing’s for sure: You should use a thicker dough than with all of the other devices. If the spaetzle dough is too thin, it comes out everywhere and not just out thorough the holes in the front. Because of the thick dough, it's somewhat harder to press and many women call for a man's help at this point. The men, though, are usually happy to show off their strength. 

First things first:  

Spaetzle presses come in all shapes and sizes, in plastic, cast aluminum or metal. Some have interchangeable hole inserts so you can extrude different types of spaetzle. The better ones have an extension on the front/bottom so you can rest them on the edge of the pot; this way you can use more force when you’re pressing the dough through. Just don't press only on the top handle because you could slip and any accident with a pot of boiling water isn’t going turn out well.
You can buy a spaetzle press for under $25, but I would recommend spending at least $40 or more, because you don't want one that’s handle is going to break or the hole insert pops out when you’re pressing and the mass of dough falls in the water.

Antike Spätzlepresse

Using a spaetzle press:  

When your dough is just right, using the press is relatively easy. It’s best if you lay it on the counter and use a spoon to fill the chamber up with dough. Then press the dough out quickly into the boiling water. If you hold the spaetzle-schwob fairly close to the water, the spaetzle will be a little thicker because the dough doesn’t have a chance to stretch out. If you give it more room, the spaetzle will be thinner.  


When it comes to cleaning, there are once again differences of opinion. Some say that if you hold it under cold water and squeeze and suck the cold water through it enough times, that will get it clean. A real Swabian housewife will use a toothpick or the like to clean every hole, and that’s from the inside out and outside in.


When you want really long spaetzle, unfortunately you don’t have any other option but to use a spaetzle press. One question always remains: For somewhat longer spaetzle, is it really worth it when you have to spend so much effort to clean the spaetzle press? The Spaetzle Wonder goes right in the dishwasher. Isn't that the way it should be? If you have both, you can use the press if you want long spaetzle and the Spaetzle Wonder for everything else. Then you also have the diversity without so much hassle.

Spätzlepressen ansehen

Here are a few pictures of various of spaetzle presses

Of different designs. One of plastic, one of cast aluminum and one of metal. Some spaetzle presses have multiple inserts with different hole sizes for thicker and thinner spaetzle. Others have slotted holes in to make the spaetzle look like it was hand scraped. Don’t be too disappointed when you realize that there isn’t really much of a difference after all. As already mentioned, the dough plays the decisive role when you’re using a spaetzle press or spaetzle-schwob, not so much the size or shape of the holes.

Spätzlepresse PlastikPlastic spaetzle press. They are relatively inexpensive, but can they stand up to the pressure needed to squeeze the thick dough?
SpätzlepresseThis press has slotted holes so that the spaetzle looks more like it’s “hand scraped” when it comes out.
Spätzlepresse auch Spätzleschwob genanntHere is a spaetzle press out of cast aluminum; they come in all possible styles.
SpätzledrückerHere is a spaetzle press with round holes. Does that mean spaghetti comes out?

Spaetzle presses in action

Spätzleteig in der SpätzlepresseFilling it with spaetzle dough: For a spaetzle press, the dough should be pretty thick. If it’s too thin, the dough tends to come back out through the top rather than through the holes.
So kommen die Spätzle aus der SpätzlepresseWhen you press firmly, the spaetzle comes out of the spaetzle-schwob in seemingly endless strands like spaghetti, although thicker.
Spätzle aus der SpätzlepresseIt’s easiest then you rest the press on the pot and press down firmly. In this way, you get the thick, spaetzle dough through the holes of the spaetzle press. But be careful! Be sure to press squarely or you can slip or push the pot off the burner.


What a relief that now there's a Spaetzle Wonder.

Ok, the spaetzle won’t be 10 inches long, mostly around two inches, but they taste just as delicious as their extra long cousins. In exchange, its ease of use and the easy clean-up make all the difference in the world. And before you go out and buy regular-old pasta or, even worse, some over-priced, ready-made spaetzle out of a bag that tastes like nothing: take out your spaetzle colander. With it, you can make fresh spaetzle in no time - even faster than cooking pasta! Above all, you’ll know what's going into your homemade spaetzle dough: just fresh eggs, flour and salt - nothing else.
Here is the basic recipe for spaetzle

And when you use Muxel's patented scraper the right way, you can make the spaetzle longer. Ok, not as long and thin as the spaghetti-like spaetzle out of the press, but more like hand-scraped.

Spätzle schabenIf the edge of the dough scraper doesn’t come in contact with the colander, it won’t cut the dough off.
Lange SpätzleLong spaetzle are squeezed though the colander
Spätzle im Glastopfand fall into the pot. As soon as they float back up to the surface,
Spätzle rausnehmenyou can take out your fresh, homemade spaetzle.

For many recipes, like for cheese spaetzle ,or the liver spaetzle for soups, the shorter spaetzle made with a colander are definitely the best choice.

Conclusion: Nobody wants to take away your spaetzle press if you already have one.

But if you don’t have much time and you’re looking for a delicious alternative to long spaetzle, you won’t find anything better than the Spaetzle Wonder.

Spätzle rausnehmen

The Spaetzle Wonder can’t and won’t replace the spaetzle press, because you can make thin spaetzle that’s 7 to 10 inches long with it. With the Spaetzle Wonder, your spaetzle will look more like traditional, hand-scraped spaetzle when you use the rounded side of the scraper. Use the Spaetzle Wonder whenever you're in a hurry, whenever you don't feel like having a big mess to clean up or whenever you think the pressing will be too hard and there's no one to help you out in the kitchen. Also, when you want to make the original, Algovian cheese spaetzle (a world-famous specialty), you won’t need long spaetzle; the original uses button spaetzle. And you can make them with the Spaetzle Wonder quickly, easily and the clean-up’s a snap.


if you do have a spaetzle press, can you really say that it doesn’t get on your nerves? Especially when the dough won’t go through the little holes or when it’s not right, when it’s too thin and it comes out everywhere, not just from below, or when it’s too thick and you have to struggle just to press it out. Many Germans even give up and spend a fortune buying ready-made spaetzle at the supermarket. The cost can really add up.


The Spaetzle Wonder can handle every dough and afterward, you can put it right in the dishwasher.

You can make things easy for yourself.

My promise: With the Spaetzle Wonder, you can make spaetzle fast and easy, the colander covers the pot and the spaetzle fall right in the water, no trouble, no mess. Then it’s right into the dishwasher with it…

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A spaetzle maker for everyone? Try it for yourself! You won’t find a better spaetzle colander. With Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder, everyone will think your cooking is a wonder!