Egg spaetzle

homemade from scratch

tastes great, is done in no time and you know what’s in it. Anyone who thinks that making egg spaetzle from scratch takes a long time and is complicated are kidding themselves because this South German pasta is probably the quickest side dish in the world. Even as the main course, these homemade noodles really taste good. The most well-known is cheese spaetzle, which many kitchens couldn’t do without. Eggs and flour are almost always on hand, so spaetzle can be cooked quickly anytime.


What you need to make spaetzle

  a cooking pot
  spaetzle press, spaetzle board, spaetzle slicer oder The Spaetzle Wonder
  a skimmer/slotted spoon to take out the spaetzle
  a cooking spoon/sturdy whisk, hand mixer or hand blender

For 4 servings:

  400 g or 14oz flour
  4 eggs
  a little water or milk

When you use the Spaetzle Wonder, you don’t have to worry about the consistency of the dough. The Spaetzle Wonder can handle any consistency.

Swabian egg spaetzle’s rise to stardom,

once a Swabian-Alemannic national dish, today a highly-valued delicacy, served in the best restaurants around the world. What's important is that the spaetzle are homemade and not the bland, dry, factory-made spaetzle.


I’ve never even heard of spaetzle! I’m not even German!

I've heard statements like this again and again at trade fairs when I introduce my spaetzle maker. “Then you must be an Italian,” is my standard answer. Why? Everybody eats spaghetti and pizza.
In many cases, spaetzle can be the better pasta, because spaetzle absorbs the flavor of the accompanying sauce superbly and heightens the taste experience.
If you like eating spicy food or love a lot of garlic, you’ll quickly recognize spaetzle as the better pasta.

Hello, my name is Siegfried Muxel and I’m glad that you’re here, taking a look at my website. The reason for this website is, of course, to sell the “Spaetzle Wonder.” BUT, I also strive to give you a better knowledge of spaetzle as a food and to help give spaetzle the place that it deserves in your kitchen.

Making homemade spaetzle or spaetzle buttons is easy.

With the Spaetzle Wonder, everyone can make this South German pasta simply, quickly and easily. You can choose the ingredients you use yourself. If you want to use organic eggs or no eggs, whole wheat, spelt, or normal flour everything is possible and with the Spaetzle Wonder, it's always a success. How you want to make the spaetzle dough, thicker or thinner, it’s up to you. Whether long spaetzle or little buttons, “Swabian pasta” has long since made its way into the culinary repertoire of the modern kitchen.

Handling spaetzle is easy.

Making spaetzle in the old days was a lot of hard work. The Swabian homemaker put in a lot of effort. Especially difficult was the preparation of the spaetzle dough because for every spaetzle making device, the spaetzle dough had to have exactly the right consistency. Quite a few, no most or almost everyone leaves the spaetzle cooking up to the South Germans or are satisfied with ready-made spaetzle. Because when the spaetzle dough isn’t right for the colander, the press or for hand-scraping, you can just about give up on the whole endeavor. Even printed ingredient amounts and dough recipes don't help much when the feeling for the dough isn't passed down from a Swabian mother or grandmother.

What a relief that now there's the Spaetzle Wonder

Finally a spaetzle maker that can handle any spaetzle dough, that you don’t have to clean the whole stove after using and that is easy to clean itself afterward. As soon as your homemade spaetzle are finished, place the Spaetzle Wonder in the dishwasher and don’t worry about it anymore. After the next load, it’s clean again and ready for its next use.

Cheese spaetzle, an extremely popular comfort food, has earned a place in the spaetzle hall of fame. It’s loved and enjoyed all over the world.mac and cheeseIf you want to learn more about it, click here…

With the Spaetzle Wonder, 80% of all users get the knack on their first try

From the remaining 20%, another two-thirds get it on the second try after reading the simple instructions.
With the Spaetzle Wonder, it’s easy to prepare spaetzle, because the consistency of the dough hardly plays a part anymore. Even for beginners, this South German specialty is easy to make.
The best thing about it is: You can add extra ingredients to your spaetzle dough, for example, fresh herbs, spinach, tomato paste and much, much more, even chili – it’s no problem. In this way, you give the spaetzle your own, personal signature.

The biggest advantage of the Spaetzle Wonder is the easy clean-up afterward.

With a lot of other spaetzle makers, you have to be very creative in order to just get everything cleaned-up when you’re done. The Spaetzle Wonder can be placed right in the dishwasher, but you can make it easier on your dishwasher by quickly brushing it off under the faucet first.

Just think about it:

Spaetzle is probably the FASTEST SIDE DISH in the world, prepared in just 3 minutes.
Spaetzle taste really delicious, but only when they are homemade and fresh. Forget about ready-made spaetzle.
Spaetzle are very valuable when you make them yourself. Compare them with gourmet noodles.

Spaetzle can be very healthy when you, for example, make them out of whole wheat, spelt or rye flour.

Forget about boring, store-bought egg spaetzle!

Jazz up your spaetzle dough with spinach, tomatoes, fresh herbs or even chili. There are no limits to your imagination, spaetzle can do it all.

How did it come to be that spaetzle isn’t eaten just like spaghetti around the world?
You can read my own personal theory here. A whole other reason for it may naturally be the “difficult and complicated” preparation of spaetzle. I admit, that is also true for most of the other spaetzle makers, but it’s not with the Spaetzle Wonder. Take a look and see what devices and what styles of spaetzle were made in the past and are made today.

Spaetzle was and is made using various methods

With Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder, everyone can cook spaetzle; it doesn’t matter if you have a German Oma (grandma) or if you’re from the north, south, east or west. And you don’t need any practice!
The Spaetzle Wonder is made in Germany and we ship them world-wide - with free delivery!
The Spaetzle Wonder has been sold successfully at trade fairs for over 15 years. At the conventions, we cook the spaetzle according to our spezial recipe and offer samples. And then, the biggest skeptics quickly turn into spaetzle lovers and even in northern and eastern Germany as well as in Italy and France and, and, and… people can’t get their hands on a Spaetzle Wonder fast enough. Cooking spaetzle is as easy as 1 2 3 – with Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder you can experience your own yellow wonder - - -Right this way to our best spaetzle recipes - - -

Here you’ll find everything worth knowing about spaetzle

What is egg spätzle? Are they noodles?

That depends on what you have in front of you: the store-bought package of so-called egg spaetzle or fresh, homemade spaetzle.

Why egg spaetzle out of the bag is even allowed to be called spaetzle is personally a mystery to me. Because as far as I’m concerned, they don’t have anything to do with real spaetzle; I think they’re just normal, everyday instant noodles - just in a slightly different form. And when it comes to taste, they can’t even compare to fresh spaetzle.

Fresh, homemade spaetzle is in a whole different league compared to noodles out of a bag.
Spaetzle is a Swabian specialty that should always be made fresh.

What pasta is for an Italian, spaetzle is for the Swabians.

Spaetzle is the “Swabian pasta.” Nobody knows for sure, but the assumption is that like pasta, spaetzle also can trace its origins back to Italy. However, while pasta has become incredibly popular all over the world, spaetzle’s trip around the world seems to have gotten stuck just over the Alps in Swabia. It’s possible that the reason for this lies in the Swabian mentality. They seem to have tried to keep the spaetzle dough a secret and with the words, “Only Swabians can cook spaetzle,” simply wouldn’t pass on the recipe.
That is really a shame, because spaetzle is often the better choice when it comes to pasta. Easier to make, spaetzle absorbs more flavor and is a suitable substitute in almost all pasta dishes. It doesn't matter if it's spaghetti, penne or fusilli, in most cases, these can be replaced by spaetzle.

So is it spaetzle or egg spaetzle?

The question isn’t so easy to answer, because both are actually the same. The only difference that I can imagine is that in the past, the poor people made so-called “water spaetzle” – spaetzle with little or no egg – when they couldn't get their hands on any eggs. Wealthier people made their spaetzle only with eggs and no water, so that would be called egg spaetzle.
I can't prove that this theory is right or wrong, but I once read something to this effect.


The spaetzle dough:

Spätzle werden stets frisch aus Mehl, Eier und Salz gezaubert. Der SpätzleteigSpaetzle is always conjured up fresh out of flour, eggs and salt. The spaetzle dough should be viscous or in other words: thick or gooey. Some don’t use only eggs, but also add additional water; some add cold, others warm. Others swear by carbonated mineral water, because that makes the spaetzle fluffier. Still others use milk for their spaetzle dough.

A further variation is the spaetzle dough prepared with quark (curds); I discovered this special preparation method in Landshut, in Lower Bavaria. There, and basically only there in that region, it’s very widespread. At the end of the day, which spaetzle actually taste best is for you to decide.

I can’t think of any other food for which, just for its basic preparation, there are so many different schools of opinion than there are with spaetzle dough. But make your spaetzle dough however you like, because in the end, it doesn’t matter how you make the dough, spaetzle always taste great.
Now how thick or solid, runny or gooey should really good spaetzle dough be?
There are two extreme variations of the dough. Once, when I was up in the Swabian Alps selling my revolutionary, Spaetzle Wonder, I often heard: The dough is made in the morning at 8 o’clock and then every time the housewife walks past it, it’s beaten for 5 minutes so that by 12 o’clock it’s really viscous and good. And that’s the only way to make the best spaetzle.
I learned of the other extreme variation in Austria, in Dornbirn in Voralberg to be precise. I saw a cookbook there; unfortunately didn’t take it with then, but in it I read: “The lazier the cook, the better the spaetzle!” You have to still be able to recognize the flour and the eggs in the spaetzle dough, because only then will you have the best spaetzle.

Spaetzle or little dumplings?

I’d just like to take a moment and apologize to the Swabian homemakers, who are certainly already confused by my ignorance on the subject of spaetzle: But really, I know spaetzle well, I’m also a Swabian, born and raised in Ulm. Of course I know that only the Swabians make real spaetzle and that is either scraped by hand or squeezed through a spaetzle press. The Bavarians and Austrians make button spaetzle. It’s only that this article is written for the whole world and although most people don’t even know what spaetzle is, even fewer have a clue about button spaetzle and that’s why, for simplicity's sake, I'll just call the buttons also spaetzle, because they both taste really good.
So, getting back to spaetzle dough: (here is the official, basic recipe)It doesn’t matter if it’s thick or thin, long or short, beaten in the traditional way by hand or if the modern cook uses an electric mixing wand, the result is always good spaetzle.

With which device does spaetzle turn out the best?

When you ask about spaetzle and how it’s made, it always depends on who you ask. In the Allgäu or Allgovia where castle Neuschwanstein is located, you’ll learn, that spaetzle are small, round and short. But there is still also “schwoba-spatza” (Swabian spaetzle), which are somewhat long and thin.
In Baden Württemberg, they will explain that spaetzle have to be long and very thin, perhaps you’ll also even hear something about “bolla-spaetzle” (buttons). But surely they will add that these aren’t even spaetzle at all and wouldn’t even come into the equation for a Swabian. However, button spaetzle actually has its origins in the Swabian region, but the Swabians seem to have suppressed this fact.
Button spaetzle (Knöpfle in German) comes from Knopf+le (button or knot in Swabian, plus the diminutive ending (–le) in the Swabian dialect) and that means little knot, for example, like you tie with your shoelace.
A long time ago the first spaetzle were called knots.
So it’s no wonder that spaetzle is made according to many, various methods. Scraped by hand, pressed through the “spaetzle-schwob” or grated with a kind of grater. Ok, I’ll admit, when you make it with the spaetzle press, the “spaetzle-schwob,” then the spaetzle dough has to be exactly right, thick and viscous, otherwise it comes out everywhere and not just out of the holes in the front side. When you use a grater, your spaetzle dough has to be thinner and not so viscous; otherwise the dough will just roll back and forth in the hopper.

But I’m talking about the ingenious Spaetzle Wonder here and for it, the consistency of the spaetzle dough doesn’t matter at all, because every dough works. It doesn’t matter if you have 100% Swabian blood running through your veins, or if you were raised in Australia.

Just a little bit more about the thinness or thickness of spaetzle dough: When the dough is a little bit thinner, then the spaetzle can absorb more flavor, more of the sauce. If it’s thicker, then the spaetzle are more like Italian pasta, so you have to really ladle on the sauce.
Cheese spaetzle, which is already loved around the world, is made from somewhat thinner dough. Making spaetzle is very easy; all spaetzle dough, by whichever method (pressed, grated or scraped) lands in the boiling water, but you’ll naturally get the best results most easily with the ingenious Spaetzle Wonder. Now there’s only one more thing you have to keep in mind, because then nothing else can go wrong:
Skim the spaetzle out of the boiling water immediately after they float to the surface – and when I say immediately, I mean immediately – not a minute or two later, but immediately. Otherwise they’ll get mushy.
Spaetzle are therefore probably the fastest and most affordable side dish in the world and in my opinion, also the best. It doesn’t matter if this yellow specialty is squeezed through a spaetzle press or simply and easily scraped through the Spaetzle Wonder. Ok, for all the potato and dumpling lovers out there, of course, those side dishes taste good too. But:

 When you don't have much time to cook, then make spaetzle.
 If it has to be affordable, then make spaetzle.
 When you want a change of pace, then make spaetzle and I promise you that if you make your own fresh spaetzle, they’ll taste great.
 Spaetzle is not only an excellent side dish; spaetzle can also be enjoyed as a main course. Cheese spaetzle is the most popular by far. There are many variations of cheese spaetzle; simply try them out.

I hope that I’ve made spaetzle a little more understandable for you, so take a chance, take the road less travelled and make spaetzle.

Siegfried Muxel

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