Spätzle mit Pfirsich

Peach Spätzle

richtig lecker mit Vanille Soße


If you don’t already have one, you should order the Spätzlewunder (Muxel’s Magic Spätzle Board)) a week before making homemade Spätzle.

 Professional Advise: 
You can use nearly any kind of pureed fruit in your Spätzle dough. There is no end of possibilities.

  Preparation time: 20 mins

  Difficulty level: : easy

  Spiciness: nnot hot

  Costs: minimal

  Energy value:: je nach cheese ca. 350 kcal per portion.

Preparing peach Spätzle

Prepare your Spätzle dough according to the basic recipe. Finely chop the shallots and puree them with the peaches, milk and 1 tbs peach juice. Add to the basic dough together with salt and curry powder. Should the dough be too thick, mix in some more peach juice. Toss the finished Spätzle in butter and serve with peach slices.
Tip (Tipp) Vanilla sauce makes a lovely accompaniment