Leberspaetzle - Spaetzle with Liver

Nowadays Spätzle with liver, the traditional Leberspätzle, are very widespread in Bavaria where they are found on the menu of most hostelries. They are predominantly served as a starter in a clear beef broth. They are also delicious with eggs fried in a pan. br />
In some regions this dish is prepared with veal or pork sausage meat instead of liver.


Here the delicious recipe: 

Shopping list:

400 g (14 oz) liver
14 oz flour (400g)
4 eggs, Some liquid (water or milk)
1 small onion
Parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg


Scrape the dough through the Magic Spätzle Board into lightly boiling water. Skim them off as soon as they float on top and serve right away in clear beef broth. Leberspätzle soup with real, homemade liver Spätzle is every Bavarian’s delight as the dish is usually served with ‘Leberspätzle like homemade Spätzle’ from some industrial supplier in most establishments.br />
I guess that Leberspätzle are probably one of the first types of Spätzle variation ever made, at least as far as the ingredients are concerned, thanks to the Swabians’ ingenuity or perhaps simply out of poverty and necessity.

Fried Leberspätzle with egg and green salad are a well-loved Swabian speciality to this day. Here is another tasty variation of the dish: add lightly blanched and pureed ramson to the dough for a wonderful taste. If you’ve tried this just once, you’ll be eagerly looking forward to the ramson season every year.