Parmesan Spätzle

Italienische Spätzle mit Parmesan

Parmesan goes wonderfully well with Spätzle. Bring out the Italian in you!


If you don’t already have one, you should order the Spätzlewunder (Muxel’s Magic Spätzle Board)) a week before making homemade Spätzle.

 Professional Advise: 
Parmesan works very well for cheese Spätzle, but you can basically use any kind of cheese. Feel free to experiment.

  Preparation time: 20 mins

  Difficulty level: : easy

  Spiciness: nnot hot

  Costs: minimal

  Energy value:: ca. 350 kcal per portion depending on type of cheese used.

Preparing Spätzle with Parmesan

1. Vorarbeiten

Grate the Parmesan or, even better, chafe into flakes with Muxel’s Multi Slicer. Finely dice the garlic.

Spätzle kochen

Prepare your Spätzle dough as usual. Scrape the dough portion by portion through your Spätzle board into lightly boiling salt water. Skim off the Spätzle with a slotted spoon as soon as they float on top. Fry the Spätzle with the garlic in a little olive oil. Add the sour cream and the Parmesan about 5 minutes later. Season to taste with salt and pepper.