Making spaetzle from scratch

can be so easy!

 This is how you can whip up your own, homemade spaetzle in just 3 minutes!
homemade spaetzle in just 3 minutes!

Spätzle schaben

Homemade spaetzle

Dear friends of spaetzle, handmade spaetzle is so delicious that it is served as a side dish or an entrée in top restaurants around the world. What could be better than enriching your own menu with this South German delicacy? Pre-cooked spaetzle out of a bag from the supermarket (if you can find it) isn’t going to help you out here. As a rule, it tastes too lifeless, is either too soft or too hard and nobody really knows what’s in it.

 Making spaetzle from scratch

is the answer! Unfortunately there’s one problem with this…

According to the traditional way, little strips of the sticky, spaetzle dough are scraped off a board into boiling water with a knife. For beginners and even pros alike who are a little rusty, this way of preparing spaetzle usually turns out to be a catastrophe. Too much trouble, too complicated, too much stress. Half of the dough winds up sticking to everything and the steam from the pot scalds your fingers. The spaetzle are either short and fat or thin and long – a confusing mess. And on the stove and the countertop, you’re left with sticky dough splattered all over. Have fun cleaning that up…

 Instead of all that, just use this brilliant solution.
It is so easy – and done so fast – it seems like magic:

Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder! Never before has making spaetzle been sooo easy!

Just imagine being able to – effortlessly and almost as an afterthought – serve up delicious, homemade spaetzle in almost no time. Your family and friends won’t be able to recover from the shock…

With Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder, you will be able to make the most delightful and mouthwatering spaetzle dishes without any trouble. You’ll be amazed. Instead of tediously scraping the spaetzle from the board with a lot of mess and waste, simply press the dough with the patented scraper through the holes of the spaetzle maker. Bam – finished! It doesn't get any faster and easier!

Spätzle durch das Spätzlebrett schaben
 It’s been a long time since you’ve had this much fun while cooking.

Prepared and cleaned up as quick as lightning.

Making spaetzle with Muxel’s spaetzle maker is faster than cooking noodles! When you experience for the first time how unbelievably fast your spaetzle bowl fills up, you will never want to give up your magical kitchen helper again. What’s more, your kitchen is clean again lickety-split. To rinse it of under the faucet, you only need a few seconds.

What is the secret of Muxel’s spaetzle maker?

Muxels Spätzlebrett besteht aus dem Muxel’s spaetzle maker is made of a special synthetic material – Lonsi-Yol. Its surface is so smooth that the spaetzle dough hardly sticks at all and can be very easily pressed through the holes – without clumping or gumming up the holes.
On top of that there’s the unique, patented scraper that you can only get with Muxel's Spaetzle Wonder. With it, you can turn out not only long, Swabian-style spaetzle, but also short, Bavarian-style button spaetzle – however you wish.


 - Even if your spaetzle dough is too thick or too runny, that doesn’t matter with Muxel’s spaetzle maker.

In the future, you’ll be making fresh, homemade spaetzle in all shapes and sizes from scratch. As a side dish or the main course. Spicy, savory, fruity or sweet. Asian with curry, colorful with tomato or spinach, vegan without egg or quark (curd) spaetzle for dessert. There are no limits to your imagination.

And the leftovers - if you should happen to have any - just freeze them or use them in casseroles, soups or pan-fried dishes.

  Cooking spaetzle in 2 minutes:

With Muxel’s spaetzle maker, everyone can cook spaetzle!

It’s done so quickly, easily and is so simple that you'll never want to do without it again.

But yet that's not everything your spaetzle maker can offer you
not by a long shot!

You’re not just buying a kitchen accessory for whipping up the most delicious spaetzle with a flick of the wrist; with Muxel's spaetzle maker, you're bringing an ingenious, universal kitchen helper into your home.

Many devices just sit around, unused in the kitchen, because you hardly ever use them. We guarantee that won’t be the fate of your Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder. It’s really a true, all-around wonder because you can use it every day for many other tasks in the kitchen. For example:

  as a colander for draining off cooking water,

  as a boil-over and splash guard for cooking liquids,

  as an adaptor for lids that are too big or too small,

  as a defrosting rack for thawing out frozen foods,

  as a strainer for freshly washed salad, fruit and vegetables.

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  you’ll be whistling while you scrape your homemade spaetzle so fast it’s like magic

  enjoying the preparation that’s as easy as pie and

  enjoying the heavenly taste of this traditional, South German fare!