Steam cooking

with the Spaetzlewonder

Spaetzlewonder and steaming lid, the ideal combination in your kitchen

 So now expand your menu with homemade spaetzle and healthy low-calorie foods

  Garen mit dem Spätzlewunder

With the Spaetzle Set 5 in 1, you can combine the easy preparation of homemade Spätzle with the gentle steaming.

In the future you will experience a variety of delicious spaetzle variations, which you probably have never thought of.

It does not always have to be the classic egg noodles. There are numerous recipes for spicy, tart, sweet, low-calorie and vegan spaetzle, which enrich your Speisplan. From the starter over the main course to the dessert:Everything is possible. Permitted is what pleases. Thanks to Muxel's Spätzlebrett the preparation is very easy. With the patented special scraper, simply press the spaetzle dough through the holes. Take the round side for long Swabian spaetzle and the edge for short Bavarian knobs. Within a short time, you have a bowl of steamy, deliciously tasty noodles.Spätzlebrett

Muxel's Spaetzlwonder+ Steaming Lid: Effective steamer

The coronation of Muxel's Spaetzle-Set 5 in 1 is the steaming lid, which you just put over the spaetzleboard. This turns Muxel's spaetzle board into a simple but highly effective steam cooker for the gentle preparation of vegetables, fish and meat. Cooked food taste unsurpassed, because they retain their natural spicy flavor, strong color and consistency. They save fat, oil and salt, and the valuable vitamins and minerals are retained. This is why the steam is extremely healthy.
Garen im Dampf

 Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts or broccoli shine in deep green and stay crisp. Asparagus retains its delicious aroma, fish retains its shape, dumplings remain beautifully round and meat is also delicate without oil.

 Another tip: If you are cooking pasta, rice or potatoes in the pot, you can stew other ingredients directly in the ascending water vapor. That saves time and money.

These 12 other practical kitchen functions
make Muxel's Spaetzle Set 5 in 1 unique:

Muxel's Spätzleleiste and the steam cooker not only provide variety on the menu by home-made spaetzle and stewed steamed dishes. Apart from their actual function, they are extremely practical universal kitchen helpers. They will never get around uselessly because you can use them almost every day.

Use Muxel´s Spaetzlewonder

  As a sieve for draining the cooking water,
  As overflow and splash protection for boiling liquids
  As an adapter for too small or too large pot lid,
  As defrosting strainer when defrosting frozen food
  As a tray and strainer for fruit, salad and vegetables.

Die Dampfgarhaube ist ideal

  zum Aufwärmen und Warmhalten von Speisen
  als Abdeckhaube in der Mikrowelle
  im Sommer als Abdeckhaube für alle Lebensmittel
  als Käseglocke
  als Fliegenschutz
  als Schutz vor Austrocknung
  als Salatschleuder
  zum dünsten und garen

Today, even modern gourmet cooks know health and enjoyment no longer mutually exclusive

Whether you decide yourself for a normal steamer, purchase a low-pressure or high-pressure steamer, no matter almost all are good, some very expensive and often hard to use.
The result will always be the same: delicious food that looks better and healthier.
You as a housewife will do all right with me, almost everything is complicated, difficult to clean and still consists of more than 3 parts you together and disassemble stands, first up on the counter, then bottom of the cabinet, then the back In the closet, then in the cellar, and then if you are lucky in ebay or just on the bulky waste. The Spätzlewunder with steam hood is easy to use. It is versatile to use and easy to clean.
The Spaetzle Set-5 in 1 is ideal for cooking in the steam
Whether vegetables, dumplings, Asian specialties, fish or meat: cook under the steam hood everything gently, low-fat and low-salt. If you are smart, boil potatoes down below in the pot while at the same time pulling over, under the steam hood fresh asparagus pulls. The spaetzle set 5in1 is also easy to take from the hand, with the exception of steamed pasta, exotic specialties from Asian cuisine, minced meatballs, meat fillet and buttery fish dishes. Also quite interesting: burned yeast dumplings, decayed pats and fish fillets are finally a thing of the past. You can find out more about the steam train here. And on our recipes, we also introduce you to many delicious steam cooking dishes.

Cooking in the steam receives the vitamins and the minerals of the food

Honestly, in the food is all that is needed in your body, perhaps not as much as in earlier times, but still enough. You just have to leave it in, at least sometimes. Maybe you should think of steamers.
Asians have always known that they are 100 years old, work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and are healthy. The Asians cook in the steam ....! We go to the pharmacy once a month ........
You have the genius Spaetzlewonder already and would like to use it now also as a steamer, just order Muxel`s steaming lid. You can find more information about the steaming lidhere.

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28,37 € Inkl. 19% USt., No shipping costs!
28,37 € Inkl. 19% USt., No shipping costs!
28,37 € Inkl. 19% USt., No shipping costs!

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  expand your menu with numerous delicious side dishes and dishes,

  cook healthy meals with healthy ingredients and healthy cooking

  scrape ruckzuck and easy your first homemade spaetzle,

  Enjoy the fresh color and the incomparable taste of steamed vegetables, fish, meat and much more,

  You have 2 ideal universal kitchen helpers that you can use daily.