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Appetite for genuine Swabian Spaetzle? You know, the
traditional Swabian dish for Swabians, Bavarians and
Alemanni, which is not to be missed in any Southern
German kitchen. True gourmets say:
„Once tasted – never forgotten.“

Enjoy our spaetzle maker, called Spaetzlewonder on the
following pages, and the best Spaetzle-recipes far and
wide, so you can cook your own delicious Spaetzle.

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SpätzlebrettSpaetzle Wonder
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Allgäuer Käsespätzle 

The Swabian Spätzle  specialty. Enrich your diet with these recipes ......


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 Alte Spätzlemaschinen

What are Spaetzle, where they come from? Four different ways to produce them ....


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Here you will find Our best Spätzle-Recipe....


lentils and spaetzle


The TOP TEN in the Swabian Spätzle Kitchen: Linsen und Spätzle... & Co.

Cooking Spaetzle


Cooking Spaetzle is quick and easy with the right recipes

cook in the steam


 Do it like a gourmet chef, you cook in the steam...



With the right recipe is easy to cook in the steam .... And it tastes


A real classic: Allgaeuer Kaesspaetzle


For Spaetzle:

500 g flour

5 eggs

about 1/8 litre water or milk

In addition:

250 g grated Emmentaler or mountain cheese

50 g Romadur, Limburger or Weißlacker cheese

2-3 thick onions

50 g butter


How to prepare:

Heat your oven to 180° C in advance and warm a flat fire-proof bowl well. Add a piece of butter or magarine to the bowl. It will melt, till the Spaetzle are ready made. Now fry onion rings according to your taste in a heavy frying pan either golden brown or crispy brown. Clean the Romadur / Limburger or Weißlacker. This means scratching the toppest red skin with a knife, then cut the strong flavoured cheese into thin slices.

First prepare your Spaetzle dough like you are used to prepare it. Then boil a big pot of salted water. As soon as it is boiling, scrape the heavenly Spaetzle in shares through our spaetzle maker called Spaetzle Wonder into the water. When the first share is done, use a skimmer to fill it into the serve-bowl. Each layer of Spaetzle shouldn't be too thick, about 2-3 centimeters should be enough. Now spread plenty of cheese on the layer as well as some slices of Romadur. Now scrape the next share of Spaetzle dough into the boiling water and repeat the procedure: Spaetzle into the bowl and sprinkle cheese on them. Continue like this till no dough is left and all Spaetzle are done. The last layer should be cheese. Above all of it you spread your fried onion rings. Done.

Hint: In the end, put the Spaetzlebowl again into the oven for about 5 minuted, this will help the cheese to melt. In the mean time you can pre wash your kitchen items and especially our Spaetzle Wonder with cold water. Fresh dough is easier to remove.