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  Cooking spaetzle is easy

Spaetzle or cheese spaetzle

Learn the secret of possibly the fastest Mmmmm! in the world

Everyone can make spaetzle from scratch with the right equipment. It doesn’t matter if you have German ancestors or they came from Europe, Africa, Latin America or Asia. With Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder, everyone can make perfect.
Take a look at the short video and you’ll be amazed.
Soon you’ll be serving your family delicious, homemade cheese spaetzle. You can also use the spaetzle board as a steamer for vegetables.

Spaetzle made easy – make mealtime magic with Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder

Are you curious? Then simply try out our spaetzle colander.Here you can find more information about Muxel's Spaetzle Wonder.

See how spaetzle dough becomes cheese spaetzle

You can spread the spaetzle dough effortlessly on the Spaetzle Wonder.
You continue working quickly on the smooth, upper surface of the Spaetzle Wonder when other spaetzle makers have long since gummed up. Muxel’s Spaetzle Wonder fits on the pot like a lid – no spills and no splashing! The stovetop stays clean! And the Spaetzle Wonder is easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe, so you can spend your time enjoying the taste of your new, favorite recipes.
Spaetzle can be prepared in so many ways, it puts the fun back into cooking. Made just for the Spaetzle Wonder, you receive our patented Spaetzle Scraper. Swabian engineers have perfected its design. If you work with the curved side, long spaetzle drip through the colander. If you use the edge of the scraper, drop for drop, button spaetzle drips in the pot. The Spaetzle Wonder and the unique Scraper are available in four, fresh colors.

The steaming lid turns the spaetzle colander into a super vegetable steamer

Spaetzle Wonder in BLUE$ 27.75 incl. tax, free shipping
Spaetzle Wonder in YELLOW$ 27.75 incl. tax, free shipping
Spaetzle Wonder in GREEN$ 27.75 incl. tax, free shipping
Spaetzle Wonder in ORANGE$ 27.75 incl. tax, free shipping

Spaetzle and cheese spaetzle

What spaghetti is for the Italians, spaetzle is for the Swabian Germans: favorite food and national dish in one.
So easily made out of four, eggs, salt and water, it’s often served two to three times a week at dinner in Southwestern Germany. It goes so far that it’s rumored that if a Swabian girl can’t make spaetzle, she will also never be able to find a husband. .
In the meantime, spaetzle have long since found their way out of Swabia and can be found all over the world. Learn more here about spaetzle's rise to stardom
You can also thank the Swabian innovative spirit (Diesel, Daimler, von Zeppelin and Einstein to name a few) for always coming up with something new for making spaetzle. So it isn’t any wonder that the history of spaetzle isn’t only written in “Swabian” any more, but also in German, English and many other languages. Because after the classic spaetzle board, the press and colander came into use and now with the Spaetzle Wonder, finally everyone can make spaetzle; it doesn't matter if you were born a Swabian or you grew up in Timbuktu.

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